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Simple eating guide after wisdom teeth removal

If you're planning to have your wisdom teeth removed, you might be dreading the dietary restrictions that follow the procedure. While your feelings are normal and understandable, you really shouldn’t give it a second thought. Dr. William Campbell is the leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon and dental implant provider in the region. He will handle your procedure at Campbell Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center

What should I know about bone grafting?

Most everyone is aware of the need for daily mouth care, regular professional cleanings, and the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Far fewer people, however, give any thought to the condition of the jawbone supporting these structures in the mouth. This is a critical oversight that can lead to trouble with one’s oral health. When things go awry with the jawbone, the typical discovery

Oral cancer screening is a must for tobacco users

Tobacco use leads to many significant health risks. One of them is skyrocketing your chances of developing oral cancer. This form of cancer targets the interior structures of the mouth. But, it isn’t limited to there. It can also involve the lips, throat, tongue, salivary glands, larynx, pharynx and sinuses. While tobacco use is the overwhelming cause of oral cancer, other lifestyle choices can also

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