Oral Surgery to Loosen the Ties that Bind

Generally speaking, a frenectomy is any procedure where confining tissue is cut. From an Oral Surgeon’s perspective, the term refers to a specific, simple surgery intended to address a tongue tie or a lip tie. The frenum is a small piece of connective tissue between the tongue and the lower jaw as well as the upper lip and the gum directly over the front teeth. Lingual frenectomies are especially common in infancy and early childhood. A frenum that is too short or too tight must be clipped. Otherwise, a child may have difficulty with development basics such as swallowing, breastfeeding or speech advancement. Dr. Campbell uses a CO2 laser for frenectomies, which results in less pain, swelling and bleeding.

There are two common types of oral frenectomies and Dr. William Campbell, the top Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in the greater Columbus area, provides expert treatment with both procedures. Continue reading to learn more about these simple surgeries.