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Most everyone is aware of the need for daily mouth care, regular professional cleanings, and the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Far fewer people, however, give any thought to the condition of the jawbone supporting these structures in the mouth. This is a critical oversight that can lead to trouble with one’s oral health.

When things go awry with the jawbone, the typical discovery is there has been bone loss. Even a small amount of retraction or loss of density can threaten the stability of the whole mouth. Restorative treatment is imperative. In most instances, this means a bone graft is in order.

For this procedure, harvested bone — that can be collected from a variety of sources, including the recipient’s own body — is used to build back what’s missing. The graft bone fuses with the recipient’s bone within a few months and the result is total restoration.

For oral surgery, there are two proven bone graft options to replace and strengthen bones:


The first option is an autograft. This surgery will transfer tissue or bone from one area to another on the patient. It is considered the “gold standard” of bone grafting because of its high success rate and reliable results. The rate of success is largely due to the use of living tissue, which means healthy cells are transferred intact.

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Another option is an allograft. Here, the tissue or bone is transplanted from person to person. Typical sources include a cadaver or donor bone. Allografts are safe and benefit from having a readily available, large supply source. When compared to an autograft, the allograft process entails one less procedure. The extra step in the autograft is taking transferring tissue or bone from the patient to prepare it.  Allograft donations always come from reliable and reputable tissue banks.

Bone grafting and dental implants

Both oral surgery options require minimal time under anesthesia and offer a quick recovery period. When healing is complete, many patients opt to follow up with dental implants to address their existing issues with missing, damaged, or diseased teeth. If you’re thinking about upgrading your smile with implants, be aware that bone grafting may be something you’re forced to consider.

I may need bone grafting; what’s next?

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